We are very excited that Motion Picture is now on tour in Europe from 14 January until  9th February! 

Cast and crew left for Germany on Jan 10th - flying to Europe for a five week whirlwind tour! Wishing all artists & crew the best time and good luck for Lucy Guerin Inc’s first 2017 season.

The venues the Company will be performing at include:

14-15 January, 2017 | Tanzhaus NRW (Düsseldorf, Germany)
19-20 January, 2017 | Le Manège de Reims (Reims, France)
24 -28 January, 2017 | Théâtre de la Ville – Des Abbesses (Paris, France)
1 February 2017 | Cultuurcentrum Brugge –  Magdalenazaal (Brugge, Belgium)
8-9 February 2017 | Théâtre d’Orléans (Orleans, France)

We are also very lucky to have two new cast members on board for this season - the incredibly talented Lauren Langlois and Richard Cilli. This is the first time both artists will have performed for Lucy Guerin Inc and we can’t wait to show off their talents in the show!

Motion Picture takes the 1950 film noir classic D.O.A. as a choreographic score to explore the tensions between live performance and cinema.

The film opens with Frank Bigelow, a small-town everyman, reporting his own murder. He has been poisoned with a luminous toxin and with time running out, he is determined to find out why.

Caught between the living stage and the projected image, the audience is bathed in the flickering light of a screen mounted behind them. On stage, the dancers are both viewers and protagonists, using the cinematic elements as motivations for movement. The transference of information from one medium to another creates a physicalised abstraction of the moody aesthetic of film noir – a surprising new work that both pays homage to the moving image and rebels against it.

For more information about Motion Picture please visit the project page.



– Gregory Lorenzutti (above)
– Sarah Walker (feature image - previous page)