Lucy Guerin Inc is delighted to announce Melanie Lane as our Resident Director for 2015. Melanie will be working with us during the year on various studio activities in addition to working in the studio developing her own creative practice.
“I am so thrilled to accept Lucy’s invitation to take on the position of resident director of LGI for 2015. Lucy’s efforts in contributing to the development, dialogue and progression of the Australian dance sector is something to aspire to and so I feel very fortunate to be taken under her wing for this residency. It couldn’t come at a better time, as I return to Australia after many years abroad.

As I begin to build new networks as well as continue to develop my practice, I look forward to this rare and unique opportunity - to take part and be guided through the directorship of one of Australia’s leading contemporary dance companies. Lucy’s ongoing and generous support has been invaluable in making it possible for me to embark on the daunting transition of re-locating from Europe to Australia. I feel very lucky to be supported by LGI and can’t wait to join them on their 2015 journey!”
You can read more about Melanie on our staff website page and can see Melanie’s new work Merge when it premiere’s in Dance Massive on March 18th 2015 at Arts House.