We are delighted to announce the following residencies for 2014.

Natalie Abbott
Theo Clinkard
Atlanta Eke
Stephanie Lake
Lee Serle and Kristy Ayre

During 2014 we have 6 artists that will be in residence with us at different times throughout the year. Here’s a bit more about how they plan to use their development time:
Natalie Abbotts project is MAXIMUM. It is:

− A performance

− A duet between a dancer and bodybuilder

− An interrogation of body and endurance in live performance

− A physical manifestation of training and form, broken down to reveal two bodies,

performing actions in space and through time.

Natalie is keen to get into the space to test ideas around costume/theatrical elements that will tie the work together conceptually. she is interested in the way body builders and dancers alter their bodies and train in specific ways to reach an end goal that is ultimately based on an external physicality.
Theo Clinkard is a British choreographer and performer based in Brighton, UK and will be visiting Australia in Feb 2014 for a two week residency with Lucy Guerin Inc. together with his composer James Keane. The residency will form an early stage in the development of ‘Chalk’, a new solo work conceived for presentation in unconventional spaces.

The solo is commissioned by The Liedtke Foundation and will have a UK premiere in June before touring throughout 2014 in a double bill with his new quintet, ‘Of Land and Tongue’

For the solo, Theo is using the huge eroding cliffs of his hometown as a point of departure. Undoing and rebuilding himself through a physical exploration into the dissolution of form and gently observing the metaphoric potential of this relatively abstract idea to tell us something about the human condition.
I CON is a performance interrelating the two themes of Death and Illusion to ask the question; What Is Contemporary?

The first developmental phase is ‘The Death of The Artist’ is supported by Lucy Guerin Inc. Studio Residency program a well as Arts House Nth Melbourne through CultureLab.

This phase will involve developing methods of impersonation; learning how to impersonate artists that have died, artists that in dying have become iconic.Atlanta will employ death as a metaphor for transformation; through the process of impersonating something from the past to produce the possibility of finding something new for the future. She interested in developing a movement material that can oscillate from the original iconic dances to new transformative by-products, movement operating as an allegory for how the present is continuously corrupted by traditions from the past and strategies aiming at future success.
Partly inspired by the controversial Milgram experiments from the 1960′s The Experiment will explore ideas of obedience and personal responsibility. Dancers: Amber Haines, Kyle Page, James Pham and Alana Everett. Composer and collaborator: Robin Fox

Lee Serle and Kristy Ayre will be working on the first stage of development for their duet Gold Phase. For this new work they will be interested in 3 main strands of investigation.

  1. Choreographic investigation – phasing

  2. Personal/Emotional/Human Interaction Investigation – Us and our audience

  3. Visual/Aesthetic/Stimulus Investigation - Gold

Having worked alongside each other over the last decade, both artists wish to further investigate their peer relationship and long standing friendship in a new work that highlights their ongoing interest in human interaction with a performative context.