WITH THE LOT is a chain  of a curated performance event exhibiting dance, video art, sculpture and music.

Performances range from intimate in-car experiences reminiscent of days gone by to the wild stunt car chases of Tarantino films and incorporate live sculpting, pop-up story books, dance on screen and new cabaret.

Curation and Concept: Kyle Kremerskothen


Paula Van Beek
Deanne Butterworth
Jade Dewi
Fernando Gallardo
Ben Hancock
Tyler Hawkins
Alisdair Macindoe
David McDonald
Rennie McDougall
Lee and Noodee
Cobie Orger
Lily Paskas
Clair Peters
Zoe Scoglio
Frankie Snowdon
Brooke Stamp

Production: Megafun

Bar & Catering: Little Zephyer Kitchen

Supported by Lucy Guerin Inc

Saturday April 25 - 7pm