First Run #3 - Monday 14th of July 2014

This month we are very excited to announce that we have three incredibly interesting artists sharing their practice with us for First Run. It’s set to be a a highlight of the First Run calendar, so we hope you are able to join us. Anyone is welcome and the event in completely free.

Presenting artists:
James Andrews
Nebahat Erpolat
Rebecca Jensen

Brooke Stamp & Rennie McDougall

Guest Conversationalist:
Helen Grogan

Date: Monday 14th July 2014
Time: 6.30pm – 8pm
Venue: Lucy Guerin Inc Studios, 28 Batman St, West Melbourne

FREE event, no bookings required
Wine by donation.

First Run is a bi – monthly event inviting artists working in and across the field of contemporary dance to share with peers, artists and a community of interested audiences, new explorations in their current practice.

In 2014 First Run facilitator Luke George is taking a break - returning in 2015 and leaving the event in the capable hands of fellow facilitator Brooke Stamp. This year Brooke is joined by guest facilitator Rennie McDougall who is excited to bring is own contribution to the program.
“We envisage First Run sessions as a forum by which artists themselves can frame and define the nature of their practice, and the dialogue they wish to engage with regarding development of their current ideas & investigations in both making and performance. As well as this, we feel First Run is a ‘situation’ that calls peers and audiences to deepen an opportunity for dialogue within the community, and it is our hope that the varying perspectives, insights and inspirations that unfold at First Run will both strengthen our link to one another as artists and peers, and also open and broaden the way we view and discuss dance as a language.”

  • Luke George and Brooke Stamp

The evening is an informal setting, with two artists sharing 10 – 15 minutes of their work. This may include initial draft ideas, works in progress, the development of an ongoing practice or an investigation into a particular working method, (such as solo practice, improvisation, collaboration or dance on film). The work shown is then opened up for discussion with the audience.

First Run serves a dual function – it is both a research platform for artists to explore and develop their ideas in connection to a seeing and talking audience, as much as it is about making critical discussion a more common experience for dance artists and audiences, as dance evolves in our flourishing community.

First Run was initiated by Abigail Sebaly (USA) and is currently coordinated and facilitated by Brooke Stamp and guest facilitator Rennie McDougall.

To contact Brooke and Rennie about becoming involved in future First Run nights please email

Upcoming dates:

Monday 1st September 2014

Monday 27th October 2014