This is your chance to see Attractor before the trance-noise odyssey, unique music/dance ritual heads off on an America tour in October. Following two incredible wins at the 2017 Helpmann Awards, we are exciting to introduce Attractor to new National and International audiences in September and October this year.

Attractor will be presented at the Brisbane Powerhouse - Powerhouse Theatre during the 2017 Brisbane Festival. The season will run from 20 - 23 September - tickets available now!

If you intend to see Attractor, there is an exciting opportunity for you to take part!
Seeking people of all ages and abilities to participate on stage during the final 15 minutes of the each performance. No rehearsal is needed. Attendance is required 75 minutes prior to performance commencement time. Just be sure to put the ‘Free Participant Add On’ in your cart when buying your ticket, or, if you have already purchased your Attractor ticket and wish to participate fill out this form.

If you identify with having a disability, please contact or phone (07) 3833 5478 for more information.

Images: Photography by Gus Kemp