Weather World Premiere

Melbourne Festival
Merlyn Theatre, Malthouse
Dates: 17 October - 21 October


Weather will be a highly visual and physical dance work that explores our relationship to the environment and larger forces beyond our control.

Weather has a profound affect on human affairs, both for good and ill, causing life and causing death. Weather phenomena are no longer simply uncontrollable and inevitable forces of nature, but something of our own doing; a symptom of our abuse of the planet that we must take drastic steps to reverse. But in spite of the devastation that weather inflicts, most people have experienced a thrill at the sheer force and breadth of a storm, and our powerlessness to escape or divert it.

Lucy Guerin will work with designer Robert Cousins (Cloud Street, War of the Roses) to create an atmospheric environment on stage that will impact on the dancers and in turn, be affected by them. The design for the piece will be formed of ephemeral elements including wind, fog and light, which will make visible the invisible forces in the atmosphere. This cause and affect, set up between the moving human body and the unseen forces of weather, will describe all the delicacy and brutality inherent in our conflicted relationship with the earth.

Director: Lucy Guerin
Choreography: Lucy Guerin with the Dancers
Set Design: Robert Cousins
Lighting Design: Benjamin Cisterne
Composer: Oren Ambarchi
Costume Design: Shio Otani
Dancers: Talitha Maslin, Alisdair Macindoe, Kirstie McCracken, Harriet Ritchie, Lee Serle and Lilian Steiner


Commissioned by Lucy Guerin Inc, Melbourne Festival, Brisbane Festival and Place des Arts

Supported by Arts Victoria, Australia Council, Besen Family Foundation and Malthouse Theatre