During 2015 Lucy Guerin Inc will be housing 6 studio residents – below is a little information about what they intend to do with the time and space. See the Current Residencies page to read the artists bios and further info.

We can’t wait to have all the artists in the studio during 2015. Congratulations to them all - we had an overwhelming number of applications this year so it is a great achievement to have received one of 6 residences on offer in 2015.

Matthew will undertake a a one-week residency in May in order to develop research his new series of works tentatively titled Negotiations. He will use the I residency to develop a series of dances with objects. The mass, shape, and material of each thing determines the choreographies that become possible. 

This residency will continue Liz Dunn’s exploration and development of Epiphany. Epiphany is a solo performance that physicalises a sustained, fluid, bodily state to articulate the tensions of becoming other–other gender, other sexuality, otherworldly.

Harrison plans to continue a development of Skulldug, a piece that will have it’s first development during the Lucy Guerin Inc residency.

Rennie will use his residency to begin developing a new solo dance work titled Top & Bottom. In Top & Bottom he will be unpacking the aesthetics of beauty and ugliness through classic and contemporary physical manifestations of these ideals, and how by inhabiting incarnations at both ends of this scale his body becomes a site for movement between the two extremes, creating ambiguity in the distinctions.

During this residency Lee will continue working on his solo choreography ‘Restrict’. His choreographic research for ‘Restrict’ will be specifically investigating the effects of restraint in physicality and space.

Geoffrey will use his residency to develop ‘Camel’- a performance project that he is creating for Next Wave’s Kickstart program. This work utilises his cross-disciplinary choreographic/design practice, and will involve 4 movement performers (including himself) and live sound performance, to be created as part of the developments.