We’re thrilled to announce LGI’s Artists-in-Residence for 2022.

In 2022 there are two types of residencies available at LGI: Make a Start residencies, for projects in the early stages that are challenging choreographic thinking and exploring new experimental approaches to dance practice; and Moving Forward residencies, for projects that are ready to be refined, and are approaching an outcome.

Congratulations to the 15 residents:

Make a Start Residents 2022

Amelia O’Leary, A Certain Mumble
A project that intertwines Amelia O’Leary’s First Nation perspective into an explosive world of collaboration, creation and expansion. Working with Janelle Tan, the aim is to create a duet that is performed in a space in Melbourne.

Brooke Stamp, The Line is a Labyrinth
A new work that will be approached as a long-form and ‘multi-networked’ dance exhibition/situation. The work will explore intersecting archives, art-historic lineages, and dialogues across visual arts and performance.

Sefa Tunupopo, Please Take My Hand
A new multi-disciplined full length art installation. The concept of this work is to create a fictional world based on the dreams and desires of the cast to explore the effects and culture of being a child of diaspora.

Leah Landau, On Slack
A research project with dancers/choreographers on the concept of slack and slack-spaces. Slack-space could refer to the loosening of time and conditions in a rehearsal room; degrees of presence and absence when performing; or a more nebulous idea within artistic practice: a ‘left-over space’ where weakness and surprise adaptation can occur.

Yuiko Masukawa, After Party
A screen dance, installation work that celebrates the embodied knowledge of retired ballet dancers. The cast of After Party includes retired principal and soloist dancers: Damian Smith (San Francisco Ballet), Kirsty Martin, Damien Welch and Jia Yin Du (Australian Ballet), and Natasha Middleton (West Australian Ballet).

Janelle Tan, Traces
A new full-length dance piece based on Janelle’s experimental solo film which responds to and draws from the public sculpture ‘Forward Surge’ by artist Inge King, located in between the Hamer Hall and the Arts Centre.

Nikki Tarling, Untitled
A project in which concepts such as identity and illusion are intertwined through the work by removing an everyday identity and implementing a new identity—revealing something more otherworldly as the body moves in slow, articulated and hypersensitive ways.

Erin O’Rourke, object-shun
A project which explores how the body is objectified and shunned—especially the body of a woman.

Tegan Nash, Access Memory (working title)
A new full length performance installation for a large industrial/warehouse space, which explores the precariousness of our current situation and how we sustain ourselves during these times. Through the manipulation of structural forms (large cylinder pieces), this new work continues Tegan’s interest in using sculpture, light, sound and movement to develop environments for audiences to actively reflect on our current experiences.

Moving Forward Residents 2022

Amber McCartney, SOFTTRAP 2
A live performance adaptation of Amber’s 2021 film SOFTTRAP—which explores using body horror tropes to redefine the flesh as a site for harbouring instability.

Tra Mi Dinh, (UP)HOLDING
A dance work for three performers that struggles to endure itself. This highly physical work keeps the dancers in a loop as they try to direct their energy onwards through a seemingly endless marathon of existence… and performance.

Nana Bilus Abaffy, UNDERNATURE FUTURES (working title)
A full-length experimental choreographic work that wants to gather and move through an underlanguage that is waiting restlessly on the tip of the tongue. Performed by three dancers, the work carefully brings together shared underplot movements and visions, and weaves them into a new nest built for the undernature futures that are to come, and that are already here.

Jonathan Homsey, I Am Carisma
A dance trio between waackers Maggie Zhu, Marnie Newton and locker Kerrtu Leiu, I Am Carisma is an anti-tragedy; a story about resilience, female empowerment and freedom. Intertwining post-modern composition and street dance vocabularies, the work honours the life of Jonathan’s late dear friend Carisma Monterejo, an Indonesian-Australian street dancer.

Caroline Meaden, A Decorated Place (working title)
A project that mines the formal intersection of acting and dancing/choreography, within semi-improvised, collage-like structures. The project uses fragments of text, images, story and action from a small selection of female-driven/directed/centred plays, films and books to build choreographic collage—of character, landscape and thematics—a sort of sly, refined blending and merging of elements within a choreographic container.

Rebecca Jensen, Dolphin Caller
A project which works with choreography and sound using Harmonic Whirlies—instruments produced from corrugated hosing of different lengths and diameters, designed and created by musician Sarah Hopkins. Dolphin Caller considers how dance and sound is remembered and remains, investigating ephemerality, memory, archives, and the slippages between fact and fiction.

There will be another EOI for Make a Start projects to take place between August - December later in the year.