Annette has played a pivotal role during her time with the company.

She has produced and toured several of its most successful works including Split, Motion Picture and The Dark Chorus. She has consolidated the company’s funding at three levels of government and expanded philanthropic and donor programs. She was instrumental in our ambitious move to a new premises WXYZ Studios, one of the company’s biggest challenges to date, which has had a huge impact on the company’s ability to create new work and to offer support to the independent sector.

‘Annette has created the ideal conditions for an artist to produce work. I have loved our time working together and am hugely grateful for all the hard work she has done to cultivate a space for myself and the independent dance community of Melbourne to explore their art form.’
Lucy Guerin

Annette leaves Lucy Guerin Inc in a strong position with an international reputation as one of Australia’s leading dance companies and an exciting future. Her fierce integrity regarding the environment and social issues and her commitment not only to the company but to the whole sector has guided, enriched and sustained our work. She will be greatly missed and the company and Board extend heartfelt thanks to Annette for her dedicated service to LGI.

We are thrilled that she will continue her support and advocacy of independent Australian Artists in her new role at Performing Lines.

Annette has been on maternity leave since June 2018. We are extremely fortunate to have our excellent Acting Executive Producer Michaela Coventry continue as planned in the role till June 2019.

In the coming months, we will begin the process of recruiting a new Executive Producer.

Lead Image: Lucy Guerin and Annette Vieusseux at the WXYZ Studios Launch, November 2019. Credit: Bryony Jackson