Lucy Guerin Inc (LGI) is delighted to announce Glory Tuohy-Daniell as the recipient of the LGI First Nations Graduate Internship 2024, in partnership with NAISDA and Joel Bray Dance.

This paid internship offers a unique program of professional development opportunities for a NAISDA graduate. The program provides a comprehensive experience that includes a four-week paid secondment with LGI and Joel Bray Dance, attendance at industry events, and active participation in Melbourne’s vibrant dance community. This internship aims to provide an enriching introduction to the life of an independent dance artist in Melbourne.

The LGI First Nations Internship is created in partnership with NAISDA and Joel Bray Dance, reflecting a shared vision of creating new avenues for emerging First Nations dance artists to forge successful careers in the industry. The partnership celebrates and nurtures the immense talent and creativity of First Nations dancers.

About Glory Tuohy-Daniell
Glory is a descendant of Indjalandji-Dhidhanu and Alyewarre Aboriginal people, in the North West Queensland and Northern Territory. A graduate from NAISDA, she joined Bangarra Dance Theatre in 2016 under the Russell Page Graduate Program, performing and traveling with the company for seven years. In February of 2023, Glory made her choreographic debut with Keeping Grounded for Bangarra’s production Dance Clan. Glory has toured with Karul Projects on Silence choreographed by Thomas E.S Kelly; Performing Lines with Hide The Dog written by Nathan Maynard and Jamie McCaskill and directed by Isaac Drandic; and Baleen Moondjan directed by Stephen Page. Glory has worked with Bangarra’s Youth Program teaching remotely. She was one of the winners of the 2023 Telstra emerging choreographic (TEC) competition, with her dance on film Deadly catch.

Thank you
This program has been generously supported by Australian Government’s Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund.