About Amelia’s Residency

“During the LGI Moving Forward residency Janelle Tan and I will be developing A Certain Mumble which will be performed early this year.

About A Certain Mumble
Amelia is a First Nations Gamilaroi dancer and choreographer. Janelle Tan is a Chinese Malaysian dance artist with a rich understanding of the diverse culture that surrounded her growing up. In this intimate new dance work, these two young choreographers invite you into the murky realm between the certainty they hold in themselves, the perils of being misunderstood, and the subterranean rumblings that try to convince you you don’t belong here.

“During this development we will be focusing on our ancient languages, the stories they hold and the histories they carry. We also will be exploring the labyrinth of self and the power of values, change and choice. It’s rich in the layers and creates the sticky terrain of conviction and confusion, voice and incomprehensibility that surrounds the work. Identify the identity of the identified identity, a complex spiral of truths and unknowns. Allowing for expansion of the body as it ripples through stages, states, dances, characters, experiences and worlds.

I’m excited to expand my interested in coding and recoding of storytelling which allows for unique and complex story. We’ve built this work for big yarns and dances with a big focus on sisterhood and lineage, being watched and being understood.

A focus for me is ensuring that the work creates space for more diverse storytelling that allows an individual to be an individual within that community. Without labelling or expecting things, Showing how difference is an important and beautiful thing.

I’m excited to share this work with Melbourne and dance with my wonderful sister Janelle.”

Amelia O’Leary
Choreographer, dancer and soundscape artist

Janelle Tan
Collaborator and Dancer