About Caroline’s Residency

“During this Moving Forward residency, at LGI, I will build on ideas seeded during a residency last year in Geelong, and continue to develop my practice at the intersection of dance, language and ‘acting’, supported by a Creative Victoria Creators Fund grant. I am working with three dancer/collaborators, Fleur Conlon, Alice Dixon and Janelle Tan.

Using multiple film, play and text references, I am exploring links between text, meaning, movement, action and desire, through a determinedly choreographic lens and framework. Thematically linked source materials, featuring women who are slippery, murky, uncertain, and who merge their lives with ‘others’ — suggest meta-layers of meaning; how we ‘become’ others in performance, and how our relationships with them can inform a practice of constant transformation, blending, hiding and merging of personas.

Over these two weeks I have been establishing shared movement vocabulary with the dancers and working with 2 scenes from a play, ‘In the Summer House’ by Jane Bowles, to explore and generate material.

Thank you to LGI for this opportunity, and for hosting us in the space.”

– Caroline Meaden

About Caroline
Caroline is a performer and choreographer working across, dance, language and performance mediums. She has worked with artists and companies including Sandra Parker, Michelle Heaven, Phillip Adams BalletLab, Walter Dundervill, Monica Bill Barnes & Co, the Merce Cunningham Trust (for NGA), Reckless Sleepers, Shelley Lasica and Opera Australia among others. With her collaboration, Alice Will Caroline (https://www.slown.net), she has created and performed works for the Keir Choreographic Award, Dance Massive Festival, Next Wave, FOLA (Arts House), MEL&NYC Festival, and Melbourne Fringe. This year Caroline is developing new work as part of Creative Victoria’s Creators Fund initiative, and studying to be a speech pathologist.