About Harrison’s Residency

This LGI Residency will take place over two weeks, with the second week later in 2019. This studio time sees Harrison starting initial movement investigation into his new work ‘RnD’. Examining the choreography of rave and ritual.

Here’s are some provocations Harrison shared with us on the eve of the residency:

“Raves are frequently described as underground dance events that are sometimes created with the intention to generate a cultural or spiritual change.” (A Redfield & M Thouin-Savard, 2017)

“Through the act of dance, Electronic Dance Music participation requires one’s awareness to be in the body, allowing participants to experience “a kind of bodily mysticism, in which mystical union is experienced on physical, somatic, and kinaesthetic levels” (Sylvan, 2005).  
“EDM events are studied for the ways in which they induce altered states of consciousness (ASCs) in participants. An ASC is defined as “a mental state which can be subjectively recognized by an individual (or by an objective observer of the individual) as representing a difference in psychological functioning from that individual’s ‘normal,’ alert, waking state” (Krippner, 1972)

“Ritual has been defined as as a sequence of structured and patterned behaviour that employs varying types of repetitive rhythmic activity, tending to recur in the same or nearly the same form with some regularity.”  (A Redfield, ‎2017) 

“When viewed through this lens, EDM events can be seen as liminal spaces that induce a psychologically subjective state of being on the threshold of, or between, two existential planes. In anthropological research, liminality is referred to as the state of disorientation one experiences in the middle of a ritual, when one no longer holds one’s pre-ritual identity, but has not yet stepped into one’s post-ritual identity (Turner, 1969; Van Gennep, 1984). 

Turner championed the liminal state as the key ingredient to the ritual process, as well as the source for cultural creativity, personal growth, and transformation.

Another term used by researchers to describe EDM culture is Communitas, defined as people engaging together in the spirit of an unstructured, egalitarian community existing in a liminal state. (Turner, 1969 on Liminality).

About Harrison Hall

Harrison Hall is a performer and choreographer. His contemporary dance practice shifts into performance and experiential art environments. His recent works focus on inducing altered states of reality. Exploring fringe subcultures of modern society and the use of nonconventional spaces for performance. He has toured and performed internationally and extensively throughout Australia and the world.

From 2015-2017 he was a member of the prestigious ensemble Dancenorth, touring and performing works by national and internationally renowned choreographers. He also devised and choreographed works for Dancenorth with a particular focus on works developed with community.  Last year he premiered his first full length work in Melbourne The Venusian Slip and has recently arrived from touring through the Middle East + Europe with Shaun Parker Co. and Ivo Dimchev.

About LGI Residencies

LGI Residencies offer artists the freedom to explore new ideas, develop new works and cultivate their choreographic practice. Studio space and administrative support are offered by LGI, as well as the opportunity to share outcomes of the residency in a way that best supports the artist in residence.

Out of Time residencies take place during evenings and weekends. This format offers choreographers more flexibility in their schedule as well as optimising the use of these stunning studio spaces.

For more information on LGI’s residency program and the other 2019 Artists-in-Residence, please visit the Residency tab on our Programs page. Each will also have a blog post, offering an insight into their projects as they progress - find these on our About page under News.

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