About Phaedra & Sarah’s Residency

In Remnants Re-made we are exploring the decay, accumulation and distillation of meaning that occurs as dance, written text and spoken word are cycled through choreographic feedback loops and processes.

We are using our fortnight at LGI to begin exploring these processes in relation to performance. We are thrilled to have time and space dedicated to this transition.

The following excerpts of text have been generated from one such process. It intertwines text and movement in a way that resembles a choreographic collage. There is often no narrative but an overall theme or impression can be grasped.

The process begins as one person attempts to remember and re-create movement material, while simultaneously recalling and verbally describing a memory. While this is happening, the other is trying to write the story being told. The dancer is affected by the multiplicity of the task, causing their speech to lose its syntax and the story to become fragmented. The writer cannot write as fast as the speaker is talking, so the transcription of the memory from speech to text becomes even more like disoriented sleep-talk:

– Phaedra Brown & Sarah Saxon

On Materials & Creating

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