About Prue’s Residency

“This LGI Residency is the final development of a new work CASTILLO that will be presented at Dancehouse, 3-6 March 2022.

CASTILLO is a new dance performance sparked by an artistic synergy between myself and Jana Castillo. The work explores the taxonomy of touch and texture through the lens of choreography and neurodiversity.

I worked with Jana on my previous work PROJECT F and was truly inspired by her incredible physical intelligence, rigorous approach to her dance-practice and compelling performances. This rigour is further accentuated by her disability, which she has had to constantly and carefully manage and adapt to each new dance framework she engages in. I wanted to create a solo with and for her, that fully adapted to her specific needs and celebrated her neurodiversity and difference.

Jana is highly skilled across a huge range of dance methodologies that interest me and I felt this solo would consolidate our love for these different genres and musicalities. Our early developments via Zoom also explored a number of tactile and textural methodologies, which we both strongly connect to in our physical investigations and explorations. These textural explorations and our Theraputty practice have greatly informed our transition back into the studio and into a live context after such extensive lockdowns.

Consequently, CASTILLO is danced and described via Pointe Shoes, Socks & Sneakers, as we explore friction and texture to generate diverse and nuanced choreographic modalities. Each choreographic investigation is framed by a film, giving the spectator further insight into the complex art of dance making and embodiment. The film and live elements underpinned by a score by our composer Chiara Costanza.

We hope CASTILLO is an innovative visual-musical journey, both poetic and virtuosic, that celebrates physical intelligence and difference and stimulates new perceptions of the dancing body.

This residency in the WXYZ Studios has be an incredible gift and opportunity to hone in and deepen our choreographic explorations in our final development, in conversation with our collaborators and colleagues. We are thrilled to share an intimate showing during the Residency before heading in to our premiere.”

– Prue Lang