About Rebecca’s Residency

For her moving forward residency Rebecca will be working solo, expanding her work Slip which was originally commissioned for the Kier Choreographic Award 2022.

Slip works with dance and sound, drawing attention to the slippage between reality and fiction, action and consequence and highlighting our entanglement in acts of delay and deferral. Central to Slip is the technique and paradox of Foley art, an increasingly antiquated sound-effect technique used in film post-production to construct a sense of reality within a scene. This project is interested in unbinding action, visuals, and sound to create a sense of unbound time, partial embodiment, and prolonged uncertainty.

Rebecca will spend this residency period focusing on developing specific physicality’s for Slip as well as continuing her research into the ideas behind the work as she decides which direction to take it in. Considering how rapidly expanding digital technologies contribute to the post-truth reality we live in, our disconnection to our bodies and nature, and our sense of time and place.

About Rebecca
Rebecca Jensen is a dancer, choreographer and teacher born in Aotearoa and based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her choreography is presented in theatres, galleries, and public spaces and spills into the spaces between disciplines. Rebecca is inspired by the equally speculative and practical forces of dance practice.