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Critter with Shelley Lasica - Thursday 2 May 2019
Shelley will present the initial stages of ‘If I Don’t Understand You’ and ‘Greater Union’. The sharing of material will be framed by a critical conversation between Shelley, Zoe Theodore and Pip Wallis.

Thursday 2 May, 4-5pm at WXYZ Studios.
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About Shelley’s Residency

This LGI Residency is part of a programme of activities that investigate Shelley’s extensive performance practice in relation to COLLABORATION and DOCUMENTATION, and will be developed with performers and fabricators.

Here’s what Shelley said of the project on the eve of the residency:

“The research undertaken at LGI, is the generation of a performance that forms part of this larger project. The performance, If I Don’t Understand You, exists between a deep physical enquiry into choreography and an investigation into how we ‘receive’ and ‘give’ through different modes of communication. If I Don’t Understand You will be a series of choreographic actions that will be performed by a group of dancers.

Drawing upon ideas and concerns that I have been working upon for over 30 years, the project will contribute to discussions around choreography in various situations. The form is built and has the subject of choreography at its core – choreography as a mode of thinking and constructing situations that solidify and change, function spatially and through time, through pattern and narrative.

Concurrently I will be continuing work on GREATER UNION with Timothy Harvey and developing a new solo project to be presented in Vienna in May/June. Through the residency I will be teaching morning class each Wednesday.”

Shelley will be working with Lydia Connolly-Hiatt, Ellen Davies, Luke Fryer, Timothy Harvey, Megan Payne, Lana Špracjer and more tbc.

Shelley will be teaching LGI Morning Class on consecutive Wednesdays throughout her residency (17th April, 24th April and 1 May). More info on Shelley’s class, and the full LGI class program, at our Calendar

About Shelley Lasica

For more than 30 years, Shelley Lasica has pushed the confines of dance, choreography and performance, confirming herself as one of Australian most important contemporary artists. Her practice is defined by cross-disciplinary collaborations and an enduring interest in staging choreography in non-conventional settings.

See Shelley’s website to learn more.

About LGI Residencies

LGI Residencies offer artists the freedom to explore new ideas, develop new works and cultivate their choreographic practice. Studio space and administrative support are offered by LGI, as well as the opportunity to share outcomes of the residency in a way that best supports the artist in residence.

Out of Time residencies take place during evenings and weekends. This format offers choreographers more flexibility in their schedule as well as optimising the use of these stunning studio spaces.

For more information on LGI’s residency program and the other 2019 Artists-in-Residence, please visit the Residency tab on our Programs page. Each will also have a blog post, offering an insight into their projects as they progress - find these on our About page under News.

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Lead image photo credit: document with Jacqui Shelton [cropped]