About Nana’s Residency

The Lucy Guerin Inc Moving Forward Residency will be an early stage development of a new work which will be presented at Chunky Move in the last week of July this year. The work is an investigation into the truths and delusions that arise in moments of crisis. The visions that manifest out of a desperate necessity, like a forced sudden deduction, a jackpot that decisively leaps out of a bank of thousands of other memories and imaginaries. And it seems like some kind of final promise, when time appears to move differently, either speeding up or slowing down in unexpected ways. The promise can also be manipulated and transformed into intentional and deeply affective propaganda that enters beneath the surface of the skin. As an effort of constant escape and a protest against this, the promises of the work try to function like husks, exterior forms fugitively dancing around an emptied centre. By voiding it of stable imaging and speakable content, the form of the promise can be moved into and embodied temporarily, its outline can be briefly traced in space and time, and then left alone again.

– Nana Biluš Abaffy

About Nana

Nana Biluš Abaffy is an artist with a background in philosophy and a foreground in experimental performance and dance. She is interested in the pursuit of knowledge through embodiment and wants to know what her body is looking for.