LGI’s Make a Start residency program supports projects in the early stages that are challenging choreographic thinking and exploring new experimental approaches to dance practice.

The 2024 residents are:

Geoffrey Watson, George
A choreographic work for human and machine bodies which focusses on the figure of Madame George; a character invented by Van Morrison who has since been encoded as a semi-mythological symbol in songs by Sinead O’Connor, Bruce Springsteen and others.

Tania Lou Smith, Choreographies for water
A work that sits between performance art, multimedia work and dance theatre, ‘Choreographies for water’ takes its starting point from our relationship to water and the emotional register of overwhelm. It is an experimental work laced with humour and melancholy. It depicts gestures and movement by a solo performing figure. It is an existential examination of an invisible threat —climate catastrophe—situated in a hazy and undefined poetic reality.

Yuiko Masukawa, 3
‘3’ is a choreographic work in public space blending contemporary practice and aesthetics with ballet. The first film iteration of this work won The Australian Ballet and Telstra’s Emerging Choreographic Award in 2023 and was recorded onsite at Narrandjeri Stadium. This proposed development would begin to develop the five minute film into a full-length choreographic

Caroline Bowditch, Endangered Species
Disability will always be present in our world but our desire to minimise or eradicate it seems ever growing. ‘Endangered Species’ will be a physical exploration of what it is to live in the type of body that may no longer exist into the future due to medical advancements.

Jonathan Sinatra, Reached Within
Reached Within is a dance exploration of material created in outdoor settings and environments through Jonathan’s ‘Daily Dances’ video project. A distillation and recompositing of five years’ worth of material into a studio choreographic composition.

Gabriel Sinclair & Jazmyn Carter, Superposition/Orbit
Creative development of ‘Orbit’, first shared in Our of Bounds 2024. In this residency Gabriel & Jazmyn will focus on exploring improvisational language, musical technology, and performance building—with the view to create a standalone work.

Hunter and Lily (Hunter Mains & Lili Hindson, Wavefront Warfare
Creative development exploring multidimensional wellbeing and how our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems are affected. In this residency Hunter & Lily will investigate different somatic practices, sound healing and breathwork with a focus on healing trauma stored in the body.