We’re thrilled to announce 10 new Make a Start artist-in residence projects, taking place at WXYZ Studios between August - December 2022. Our Make a Start residency program is for projects in the early stages that are challenging choreographic thinking and exploring new experimental approaches to dance practice.

Aimee Schollum, Accumulate (working title)
First development of Aimee’s next major work—an experimentation across disciplines to form conversational and symbiotic interactions of sound and movement.

InPlay Dance Collective (Alec Katsourakis & Eden Kew), Withhold
A new, boundary pushing, experimental dance-theatre work—a physical confession of intimate emotions, the ways we withhold them, and the impact that repression can have.

Ebony Muller, I’m high on it / bionic
A new solo dance/performance work exploring vulnerability, fragility and chronic illness.

gemma+molly, Lush
A new full-length interactive dance performance defining queer sexual experiences of gemma+molly.

Georgia Rudd and Claire Esterman, How to view a body
Developing a new analogue dance film that explores the landscape of the body, to reveal the quiet truth of the ever-changing nature of all forms.

Weave Movement Theatre, Appropriate Breath Plan
Creative development between Weave Movement Theatre and puppetry theatre company Black Hole Theatre Inc. This collaboration is the first of its kind in Australia; where the art of puppetry and performers with a disability come together to create a dance based work.

Ruby English, Hold Still
Toying with a linear timeline, this work will explore human nature’s relationship to the past and how it then comes to inform the future.

Sarah Saxon, Please be still my darling
A first development towards a solo work building upon Sarah’s MemoryDance improvisation practice. MemoryDance attempts to reawaken, in the studio, memories of on-site sensations through deep attention to physical memory of a place.

Thalia Livingstone, Destiny State (working title)
Developing first solo work which draws upon personal lineages as material content with the overarching intention to arrive at places of ultimate opposition within the work.

Yuiko Masukawa, Fusoku no bi
Developing an extension of a dance work initially developed through Dancehouse’s Emerging Choreographers Program. The concept of Fusoku no bi comes from Japanese traditional aesthetics, where imbalance, imperfection and heterogeneity are celebrated as a source of beauty.