We’re thrilled to announce LGI’s Moving Forward Residents for 2023.

LGI’s Moving Forward residencies provides artists with time, money and support to further develop projects that are ready to be refined, and are approaching an outcome. At the culmination of their in-studio time, Moving Forward residents will present a showing of their work, or share part of their artistic process through a workshop, talk or publication.

Congratulations to the 5 residents:

Harrison Ritchie-Jones, CUDDLE
A new experimental contemporary dance work exploring and subverting expectations around intimacy. Choreographically and physically CUDDLE is an entertaining, unique and challenging dynamic duel; resembling something between a contemporary tango, a rodeo partner dance, a scrummage, mud wrestling and a honeymoon cuddle. CUDDLE be presented in partnership with Chunky Move for Frame: A biennial of dance.

Mara Jon HappyGalagher, tru:swineflesh
Reenacting the ephemeral states of absolute divinity, ascendence and transcending that can be found at 3am in the bleak concrete heaven of an illegal rave or the uninhibited blissful violence of a mosh pit. The hymn of this utopic rave hellscape is utterly queer and replusively angelic. This is an inherently trans work, and will not cater existence nor explain trans concepts for cis enjoyment and fascination.

Amelia O’Leary, A Certain Mumble
A Certain Mumble is multicultural dance work that brings forth the perspectives and identities of Chinese Malaysian dance artist Janelle Tan and First Nation Gamilaroi dance artist Amelia O’Leary. It reveals multiple truths and stories of what it feels like to be an outsider in Australia, practically as women from diverse backgrounds. The importance of humanity and sisterhood are wrapped around the pain, joy, and hidden stories of being from somewhere else. A Certain Mumble will be a live performance work that will presented at the Darebin Arts Speakeasy program in March 2023.

Thomas Woodman, Echo
Echo is a solo choreographic work that experiments with how to fragment the performer and disrupt the focus on the individual. The work considers what it could mean to un-inhabit space or simply fade from focus temporarily. It does this by exploring choreographic modes in which different kinds of ‘multiplication’ or ‘disappearance’ play out. Echo is preoccupied with the tension between anonymity and recognition. There is a collision of words, action and imagination.

Melissa Pham & Jayden Wall, Gapped
A compelling new contemporary dance work where creative choices are driven and inspired by the practise of threading and floor work. Threading involves a contact point, manipulation, tracing and a thread, creating openings for opportunity and pathways within and around the self or others that may be involved. With original sound been composed by Jayden Wall, Gapped is a hypnotic flow of designed choice, desiring immediate connection and flow between bodies.