We’re thrilled to announce LGI’s Moving Forward Residents for 2024.

LGI’s Moving Forward residencies provides artists with time, money and support to further develop projects that are ready to be refined, and are approaching an outcome. At the culmination of their in-studio time, Moving Forward residents will present a showing of their work, or share part of their artistic process through a workshop, talk or publication.

Tony Yap + Collaborators, Animalising
In Animalising, Tony Yap and Jack Riley draw inspiration from their unique dance aesthetics and delve into themes such as ‘becoming-animal’, ‘becoming intense,’ and ‘becoming imperceptible’, reflecting on their personal and intersectional narratives and questioning the definition of their queerness. This exploration involves the themes of sexlessness, nakedness, and an exploration of the blurred boundaries between what is human and what is animal. This final development will culminate in a 3-night performance season at Abbotsford Convent for Midsummer Festival, 8-10 February 2024.

hhprojects (Helen Herbertson + Collaborators), DIG
DIG is a documentation, live action, publication and legacy project, bringing choreography, performance, photographic, video, media, paper-based records and an intergenerational team into dialogue. It threads Helen Herbertson’s body of creative work with an abiding interest in Australian Dance History, documentary formats and archival record-keeping processes. Beyond history and archive, DIG strives to bring ‘the actual’ of a work/period to life, reworking choreography and presentation formats with new contexts, performers, audiences, unearthing ‘the essentials’, while seeding a forward momentum for creative practice.

CONJAH (Jahra Wasasala and Ooshcon), I Pull Our Body Out of a Dead Animal
A performance work in-development focusing on states of transmutation, haunting, manipulation, and refusal, physically drawing on stories of traditional Clowning as political critique of power in the Fiji and Samoa islands. This work lives within the decay and harvesting of’belief’ and stalks the question, ‘When does a body become a body worth loving or saving?’

Karlia Cook, Two-gather
An inter-cultural, collaborative, co-led project between 4 pan-Indigenous dance artists creating a work that is grounded in kinship-based indigenous knowledge systems: Bella Waru; Amelia O’Leary; Danni Cook; and Karla Cook. Their choreographic performance and processes addresses some key questions: ‘How do we bring into a non-hierarchal space our individual histories, ancestries and cultures for the purpose of culturally considered and responsible practices of exchange, reciprocity and sharing’?; and ‘How do we create choreographic and performative processes that enable a meeting in a considered way on contested land for the purposes of listening, hearing and moving forward’?

Amber McCartney, ALDI CABARET
ALDI CABARET is a solo study of a clown-freak cabaret dancer, with tiny beaded eyes and huge sausage lips. The underlying agenda of the performer is ‘menace’ or ‘pest’ the viewer with a obscure fetishised undertone, which can cause great confusion. The cabaret challenges power play between performer and viewer whilst following a gentle narrative inspired by the aesthetics of Naomi Watt’s character in psychological thriller ‘Goodnight Mommy’.