Across 2022-2023, the program will see Georgia and Riyo working together in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia and Solo/Surakarta, Indonesia—hosted by LGI and EDC respectively. Supported by LGI’s Artistic Director, Lucy Guerin AO, and EDC’s Artistic Director, Eko Supriyanto, the Exchange provides a platform for rich cross-cultural collaboration and connection. Fostering experimentation, exploration and innovation, cultures and artform practices will be shared, discussed, and experienced—creating lasting impacts.

I am very excited to be co-leading this project with Lucy Guerin—to deeply share the artistic knowledge between LGI and EkosDance Company for a brighter international collaboration among artists from Australia and Indonesia.
– Eko Supriyanto

Both Eko Supriyanto and I have led cultural exchange projects and value the knowledge to be gained through sharing our local practices and making dance collaboratively. This program feels like a natural extension for both our companies, and an important opportunity for us to connect our respective communities.
– Lucy Guerin

About Riyo Tulus Pernando (he/him)
Born in Bangkinang, Kampar, Riau in Indonesia, Riyo Tulus Pernando has been exploring traditional Malay dances since 2006. From 2008 to 2011, Riyo completed his Diploma at the Riau Malay Arts Academy (AKMR). In 2012, he continued his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Solo/Surakarta, majoring in the Dance Creation program. Whilst in Surakarta, Riyo has worked with well-known choreographers both from within the country and abroad including Eko Supriyanto, Prof. Sardono W Kusumo, Jan Linkes (Het International Dansteater), and Hiroshi Khoike (Japan). In addition to establishing the Malaydansstudio community in 2015, Riyo teaches choreography at ISI Surakarta, and works with EkosDance Company. Riyo is Eko Supriyanto’s assistant on the works BalaBala and IBUIBU Belu.

This will be a valuable experience for me as a choreographer and dancer. I am very interested to share and exchange ideas with artists from different cultures and collaborate to create works together. I want to know and learn more about the methods of making dance works by artists from outside Indonesia.
– Riyo Tulus Pernando

About Georgia Rudd (she/her)
Georgia is a Naarm/Melbourne-based independent contemporary dancer, performer and teacher originating from New Zealand. As a Company Dancer with Dancenorth Australia, Georgia was part of the creation of many works with various artists including Melanie Lane, Lucy Guerin, Stephanie Lake, Alisdair MacIndoe, Gideon Obarzanek, Lee Serle, Jo Lloyd and Ross McCormack—performing and touring nationally and internationally. As part of Dancenorth’s annual Tomorrow Makers series, Georgia choreographed three short works, sifting through all the forgets, Construction and Contemplation and Together Indecision. Currently, Georgia continues to refine her practice where the body is the basis for questioning, processing, transformation and joy. Her embodiment
practices honour the complexity and intelligence of the body and its ability to reflect the world in which it is in.

I’m looking forward to getting to know Riyo and work alongside him in his home country and culture and see how this informs our creation together. I’m humbled to share dance practice and process while guided by Lucy and Eko. I can’t wait to see what emerges.
– Georgia Rudd

Program of activity
The program will see the choreographers collaborating in September 2022 to create new work together—for presentation in Solo/Surakarta, Indonesia and Naarm/Melbourne, Australia in 2023.

5 – 16 September: 2 weeks of choreographic exchange and development in Surakarta, Indonesia, hosted by EkosDance Company.
19 – 30 September: 2 weeks of choreographic exchange and development at WXYZ Studios in Melbourne, Australia, hosted by LGI.
(4 weeks total)

4 weeks of choreographic exchange and development across Surakarta, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia
1-week presentation seasons in both Surakarta, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia, to be produced and presented by EDC and LGI respectively.
(6 weeks total)

The program also includes access to various LGI programs during the exchange, including but not limited to, company rehearsals, professional classes, and workshop programs.