Thanks to all who participated in our recent online survey into our Classes for Small Spaces program through the Culture Counts platform.

We were delighted to receive over 60 responses from participants as well as input from our teachers. We appreciate the generous feedback and suggestions that were offered by all.

Below is a snapshot of those results, followed by key actions we have taken in response.

Survey snapshot:

  • Total responses

    70 (participants and teachers)

  • Length of online classes

    56% said they preferred the current 60 minutes
    33% said they’d like 75-minute classes
    Over 50% of requests for 75-minute classes also preferred yoga

  • Types of online classes

    Almost 1/3 of respondents said they liked all the classes.
    Others picked out particular preferences for Guided Improvisation (52%), yoga (48%), phrase-based Contemporary Dance (38%) and Klein Technique™ (19%).
    No other class types were widely requested to be added to the program.

  • Workshops

    82% of respondents were interested in low-cost workshops via Zoom.
    Feldenkrais (62%), Alexander Technique (56%), Choreography and Writing as a Creative Tool (both 54%) the most popular options.

A workshop into Creative Process was the only notable addition, with four respondents requesting this (via the ‘Other’ option).

  • Other feedback

    31 respondents offered thanks for the program in the open feedback section, noting how it has been an important resource during this period.

    Other feedback included:

  • Acknowledgement that classes were also a key place to connect with the community.

  • Appreciation that classes have been offered for free during such uncertain economic times.

  • The online format’s enabling of a broader access to classes. This included for those regionally-based or interstate/international as well as D/deaf and D/disabled participants.

    Actions from the survey:

  • Yoga classes are now 75 minutes

    Beginning Friday 4 September.

  • New teachers invited

    We appreciate the wide and diverse suggestions for teachers to add to the program, some of whom we have since asked to join the program. Many of the teachers suggested we have approached previously, and it’s wonderful to see the community shares in our enthusiasm for their work.

  • Class types clarified

    We are now inviting teachers to choose the class description that best reflects the type of class they plan to teach, offering you greater agency in choosing the classes you wish to attend.

  • Workshops are being planned

    We are now in the process of arranging a new workshop program to be delivered online. More to be announced soon!

  • Donation option added

    Following several requests, we have added a way to make a donation towards the program. You’ll find this on the Eventbrite page. While we are delighted to offer these classes to the community free-of-charge, we acknowledge that some of you wish to show your appreciation in this way and we offer our heartfelt thanks if you do.

  • One-time sign-up option for classes

    You can now sign up to receive the Zoom links to all upcoming classes by signing up once for an ongoing weekly email, rather than sign up for individual classes.

As well as a more convenient option for our regular participants, we hope this will also discourage the sharing of class Zoom links via social media. This practice places both LGI and the teacher at greater risk as participants who don’t complete the sign-up process neither receive important safety information nor agree to our T&Cs, which include protections for those delivering the classes. Thanks for your support in keeping everyone safe.
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Image: Gregory Lorenzutti