Lucy Guerin Inc’s extraordinary duet work, Split, is set to continue its globetrotting touring schedule for the rest of 2018.

First stop is Japan, where award-winning dancers Lilian Steiner and Melanie Lane will perform the critically-acclaimed work as part of the Dance New Air festival.

Next up are some high-profile dates in the USA starting at the Baryshnikov Arts Centre in New York, followed by three shows at White Bird in Portland.

From November, the team will be on the other side of the Atlantic, presenting Split at several of Europe’s winter wonderlands: Budapest, Paris and Brugge.

Discover Lucy Guerin’s Split

Information on all these tour dates can be found below, along with recent reviews from the company’s performances in Europe.


3-4 October – Dance New Air – Tokyo, Japan

11-13 October – Baryshnikov Arts Centre – New York, USA

18-20 October – White Bird – Portland, USA

23-24 November ­– Trafo – Budapest, Hungary

4-8 December – Theatre de la Ville – Paris, France

11 December – Concertgebouw Brugge – Brugge, Belgium


Discover what Split inspired in audiences when the work recently toured to Netherlands and Denmark:

“I get thoughts about dialogue, negotiation, struggle, escape, the civilized against the animal, social issues such as overpopulation and, not least, deep considerations on human identity: How are we in the world? What is our time? Who is man and where do we move?”

Read the full review from

“It is intoxicating. By perfectly synchronous dancing, in which even the angular movements are elegant and fluid. Absolute harmony, you would say. An aesthetic wonder.”

Read the full review from Theatrekrant

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This tour has been made possible by support from:

Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. Split is part of the Australia now program in Japan.

Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.