Ensemble Tikoro is a contemporary music group using throat singing, gangsa and extended vocals, and are dominated by vocal techniques from extreme metal music like death metal, black metal, thrash metal, hardcore, punk, etc.

The guys of Ensemble Tikoro are metalheads from the underground community in Bandung, Indonesia; metalheads who play contemporary music with classical notation or other music scores and have a big interest in traditional culture also.

Robi Rusdiana, is a founder of Ensemble Tikoro. In 2012, he made a studio project—an extreme metal vocals ensemble for the masters program in ISBI Bandung—which finished as a thesis. After Robi Rusdiana finished his masters program, Ensemble Tikoro continued, making some concerts and collaborations in every year since.

Ensemble Tikoro have more than 30 pieces for music, almost entirely composed by Robi Rusdiana, including some for dance, theatre, visual art, and experimental projects.

Ensemble Tikoro have a motto, “And contemporary music for all”. It’s interpreted from “And justice for all” from Metallica. Music and arts for all people, not only for arts student in the university.

Metal (2020) - Singers

Metal development, December 2019. Credit: Gregory Lorenzutti