About Sarah’s Residency

“During my Make a Start residency at WXYZ Studios, I will be retracing a collage of memories gathered within diaries, calendar notes, voice memos, video footage and the hazy filing cabinet of my brain. The array of memories joining me in the studio will span the chaotic array of human experience.

Through these memories I will explore the often overwhelming sense of being ‘just’ one person in an increasingly connected, globalised world; and the power of a single, friendly gesture in the face of this vulnerability.

An element of this new work is an ode to the people who inhabit my memories with their generosity and kindness. Moments with these people have been an antidote to modern life’s tendency to get a bit too big.

I will periodically be updating this page with insights and tidbits from the development of this work.”

– Sarah Saxon

About Sarah
Sarah Saxon is an emerging independent choreographer, dancer, and dance filmmaker from Naarm/Melbourne. She uses her site-conditioned improvisation practices HikeDance and MemoryDance alongside her writing practice to inform her choreographic and dance-film work. She graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2021. As she moves through the world she collects details, moments and memories and retraces them through her body’s memory as she dances.