About Weave Movement Theatre & Black Hole Theatre’s Residency

“Weave Movement Theatre and Black Hole Theatre will collaborate in a first stage creative development, as part of LGI’s residency program from December 5–13, 2022.

Their starting point is Weave member Anthony Riddell’s surreal novel, Appropriate Breath Plan.

Weave is a disability physical theatre company and Black Hole Theatre makes high quality visual theatre through puppetry and other genres. Both create visual theatre in line with their artistic approaches and styles. This is an unprecedented artistic exchange and we are excited about its outcomes.”

– Weave Movement Theatre & Black Hole Theatre

About Weave Movement Theatre
Weave Movement Theatre is a dance and physical theatre company, formed in 1997. Weave comprises a majority of disabled performers with some non-disabled performer allies, combining dance, physical theatre, spoken word, pedestrian movement and absurd humour. Weave challenges conventional ways of seeing dance theatre and disability. Weave provides a model for accessible performance. Weave has collaborated with many respected artists to produce authentic, innovative, dynamic work. Weave provides professional development and a platform for Disabled artists.

About Black Hole Theatre
Founded in 1993, Black Hole Theatre is an independent company that creates high quality visual theatre to explore the world and the human condition through puppetry and other genres. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Nancy Black, BHT provides a dynamic collaborative platform for creative exchanges between national and international puppeteers and artists. The company also facilitates the work of emerging artists, provides skill development opportunities, and contributes to the evolution of contemporary puppetry.