Conversation Piece brings together three actors and three dancers in a unique encounter between two performing art forms. 

The performers engage in an eight-minute conversation at the beginning of the show, which is completely spontaneous and unplanned from one night to the next. Recorded and repeated, this initial conversation becomes the script for the work that follows, using the ever-present iPhone to generate live music, songs, dance steps and text.

The words remain the same but their intention shifts from frivolous, to hilarious, to boring, to cruel; tuning into the complexities and hidden subtexts of everyday chit-chat.

Winner of the 2013 Green Room Award for Concept and Realisation in Dance.

Watch excerpts of Conversation Piece

A Lucy Guerin Inc & Belvoir Co-production
Premiered at the Belvoir St Theatre, August, 2012


“Three actors. Three dancers. Unpredictable results.”
Belvoir St Theatre, 2012.

Discover archival resources including programs, reviews, photographs and audio recordings from Conversation Piece at the Theatre and Dance Platform, University of Melbourne.

Images by Brett Boardman (2012)