Heavy was based on the descent into the sleep cycle, beginning with sleep stages 1 – 4 and moving into REM or the dreaming stage. 

This work contrasted the clinical realm of the sleep laboratory with the dark, unreachable labyrinths of the dreaming mind.

Premiered at The Athenaeum II , Melbourne, 7 November 1998.



“…choreography that is as precise and inexorable as a sewing machine and as evocative as a dream”
The New York Times, May 1999

“Gut-wrenching, body-blasting, mind-bending dances like Lucy Guerin’s ‘Heavy’ are so rare that watching them feels as perilous, vertiginous and weird as staring into a crevasse.”
The Oregonian, May 1999

“Guerin submits her dancers to a demanding routine that veers from the highly athletic to the dreamily surreal”
The Age, November 1998

Images: Ross Bird