Incarnadine explores the meeting of two contrasting elements and their attempts to absorb or repel each other.

A rigorous unison duet and a cloying, yielding trio represent different approaches to dealing with emotion and relationships and how these boundaries are maintained or overstepped.

“The starting point of Incarnadine was to see if two different dances could inhabit the same space: one relentless and unyielding, the other more expressive and mutually supportive. I was exploring two different ways of dealing with life or emotion, and trying to create a dialogue.”
(Lucy Guerin in Village Voice, 20 February 1996)

Incarnadine was originally performed in 1994 at Dance Theatre Workshop (DTW) in New York City in 1994 for their 30th Anniversary Season. It was later remounted at DTW in 1996 as a double-bill with Guerin’s new work, Venus Bay.

Incarnadine toured to Australia in 1996, performed at Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne. It was praised by numerous critics and went on to take first place in the Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Bagnolet competition in Paris, that same year.

Watch excerpts of Incardine.

Premiered at Dance Theatre Workshop, New York, USA, 25 November 1994.


“Guerin makes bold, moody sensuous dances for women. And what women!”
The Village Voice, February 1996

“Guerin’s work has a refinement that abstract dance doesn’t always possess”
Time Out New York, February 1996