While in New York City in 1990, Lucy Guerin developed and performed her first choreographed solo work, Irresistible Divide, for Fielday at The DIA Center for the Arts.

“In this piece, I am setting up ‘line’ as explicable, finite and beautiful, a truthful paradigm for perception. Such a measure only exists in that we go toward or away from it and interpret it in varying ways. I think I may be trying to find harmony and balance but that point of balance is its own destroyer.”
(Lucy Guerin, Fielday, The Field The DIA Centre for the Arts, 20 October 1990)

Fielday enabled emerging artists to present short works within a professional context. It was also the first time that Lucy worked with composer Tim Otto.

Irresistible Divide was later performed at The Judson Church in 1991 as part of the Movement Research program where it was re-titled as Out of the Past and was reviewed by Jennifer Dunning for the New York Times (see below).

Premiered at DIA Art Foundation, New York, USA, 20 October 1990.



“The Movement Research at the Judson Church series presented an unusually varied program on Monday night…Lucy Guerin contributed a solo filled with inspired playing with shape and the quality of movement…Ms Guerin’s ‘Out of the Past’ was set to a movie-music score by Tim Otto that sounded even more deliciously overwrought than it was, given the plain look of the solo. But that plainness was deceptive. The simple short black shift worn by Ms Guerin belled and flared as she moved, giving her the look of a deft little mushroom. There was something a little off about her demure look and suggestion of flirtation. And those drab little trembles quickly came to seem the delineators of major drama.”
New York Times, November 1991.