Love Me is a program of three works which explore relationships in projected environments:

Reservoir of Giving I and II / On / Melt

Reservoir of Giving I and II
Reservoir of Giving I and II addresses the space between people and how we attempt to reconcile that distance through language.

Set within a stylised domestic environment, the dancers seem lifted straight from a designer lifestyle magazine but present a less than perfect view of contemporary life.

On is a duet which occurs in isolated windows of light and projection.

The two dancers perform detailed miniatures of closeness and separation, which reinforce the vast darkness that waits outside their tiny bright world.

Melt describes a rise in temperature, from freezing to boiling, with each degree explored temperamentally and physically.

It is a highly focused duet for two women whose detailed movements are intensified by the mercurial medium of motion graphics.

Premiered in the Melbourne International Arts Festival 2005.
Presented at Malthouse Theatre, 6 September, 2005.


“every moment elegantly chosen and defined” (for Melt)
The Village Voice, April 2003

“dazzling display of graphically enhanced movements inspired by outside forces” (for Melt)
Irish Times, November 2005

“sublime and joyously effusive, an immaculate multi-media creation” (for Melt)
Real Time, October 2005

“psychologically dangerous yet lyrical centre piece” (for On)
The Australian, September 2005

Images: Jeff Busby