Make Your Own World summons images of societies, communities and personal relationships in flux. It layers the individual, spontaneous movement of six highly skilled dancers with the formal structures of a choreographed performance.

Improvisations erupt from learned dance steps and memorised patterns like dissident voices, insisting on autonomy, transformation and a new way forward. It’s a fragile world, where there is the possibility of beautiful systems and organic freedoms, but where gaps and chasms are sometimes unbridgeable.

This new work exists as a transient meeting space subject to change, adaptation and resistance and framed by existing power structures. It merges the hopelessness of history; done, irreversible, forever fixed, with the possibilities of the present and a vision for the future.

Choreographed by Lucy Guerin in collaboration with the dancers, with music by Daniel Jenatsch, lighting by Paul Lim, and costumes by Andrew Treloar, Make Your Own World is an unpredictable, sorrowful, enthralling dance for the people of our planet.

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Presented by Lucy Guerin Inc and Arts House and supported by the City of Melbourne.
Premiered at Dance Massive in March 2019.

Images by Pippa Samaya