PIECES is an annual artist development program offering choreographers the opportunity to produce a new 20-minute performance commissioned by Lucy Guerin Inc and The Substation.

PIECES showcases exceptional contemporary artists operating outside of company structures whose work embodies risk, boldness and experimentation. It is a season that reminds us of the capacity contemporary dance has to unveil, defy and inspire.

The commissioning structure provides selected artists with resources to challenge their regular practice and dive into a singular choreographic exploration. The eclectic program that emerges is an opportunity to gather and celebrate live performance as a vital experience.

The choreographers selected for the 2021 season of PIECES are Michelle Heaven, Lee Serle and co-choreographers Harrison Hall & Andrew Treloar.

PIECES is a co-production by Lucy Guerin Inc and The Substation, co-curated by Lucy Guerin and Brad Spolding.

With thanks to the continued support of PIECES from the Angior Family Foundation and City of Melbourne.