Fiona Bryant | Benjamin Hancock | Alisdair Macindoe | Luke Smiles | Brooke Stamp

5 choreographers, 5 new short dance works, 5 days of performances: Pieces for Small Spaces 2009.

Lucy Guerin Inc’s annual Pieces for Small Spaces program is a unique opportunity for five choreographers to challenge their practice, take risks and present a new short dance work as part of a professional performance season. The program aims to support the work of young choreographers and those working outside of company structures.

Each of the five artists selected for the 2009 program was encouraged to develop their individual dance practice, devising a distinct and meaningful voice within their choreographic works.

The works they created were performed during the five-night season which took place between 2-5 December 2009 at Lucy Guerin Inc Studios in West Melbourne.

Learn more about the concept and history of Pieces for Small Spaces here.


Talk The Leg Off A Chair
Performance and Composition: Luke Smiles
Text: Luke Smiles and Gabrielle Nankivell

Choreography: Alisdair Macindoe
Performance: Laura Levitus and Alisdair Macindoe
Sound and Light:  Alisdair Macindoe

Folk Dance No.1 Je m’entendais fermer les yeux, les rouvrir ( I heard myself close my eyes, then open them)
Direction, Choreography and Performance: Fiona Bryant in collaboration with Tamara Natt.
Music: An adaptation of Gun Solos written and performed by Tamara Natt
Costumes: Fiona Bryant

Choreography and Performance: Benjamin Hancock
Costumes: Chloe Greaves
Music: Ryoji Ikeda

Orbit Score For Yoko
Choreography and Performance: Brooke Stamp
Music: Richard ‘DJ Rambl’ Campbell & Yoko Ono
Dress: Doyle Barrow

Images: Byron Perry