Lz Dunn | Angela Goh | Leah Landau | Chad McLachlan | Sandra Parker

5 choreographers, 5 new short dance works, 5 days of performances: Pieces for Small Spaces 2016.

Lucy Guerin Inc’s annual Pieces for Small Spaces program is a unique opportunity for five choreographers to challenge their practice, take risks and present a new short dance work as part of a professional performance season. The program aims to support the work of young choreographers and those working outside of company structures.

Each of the five selected artists for the 2016 program was encouraged to develop their individual dance practice, devising a distinct and meaningful voice within their choreographic works.

The works they created were performed during the five-night season, which took place between 14-18 December 2016.

A post-performance Q&A was hosted following Friday’s performance, which was also Auslan interpreted.

The 2016 program was co-curated by Lucy Guerin (LGI’s Artistic Director) and Jo Lloyd (LGI’s Resident Director).

View the 2016 Pieces for Small Spaces program

Learn more about the concept and history of Pieces for Small Spaces here.


Human Version
Choreography: Sandra Parker
Performance: Isabelle Beauvard, Arabella Fran-Starke and Kasey Lack
Sound: David Franzke
Costume: Helene Froisland

Me the Musical
Choreography & Performance: Lz Dunn

Choreography: Leah Landau
Performance: Jacqui Aylward and Leah Landau
Costume: Geoffrey Watson SC

Choreography: Angela Goh
With and By: Angela Goh, Alex Mack, T1000, Bruce Lee and LUSH Cosmetics

Eternal Birthing (Constantly Crowning) // Cyborgs and Goddesses
Choreography: Chad McLachlan
Performance: Chad McLachlan and Milo Love

Images: Gregory Lorenzutti