Sweet Dreams was first performed in 1989, at the Athenaeum II, Melbourne, as part of Reeling – an evening of short works by Independent Dance Artists (IDA).

The IDA featured five young choreographers all working with an individualistic approach to developing a language for contemporary dance: Eleanor Brickhill, Lucy Guerin, Shelley Lasica, Felicity Macdonald, and Sandra Parker.

Sweet Dreams was Lucy’s first publicly performed choreographed work to be shown in Australia.

Prior to this she was working with Dance Exchange and Danceworks, and soon after she moved to New York, continuing her practice as a choreographer and working as a dancer with Tere O’Connor, Bebe Miller, and Sarah Rudner.

See the Reeling program.

Premiered at Athenaeum Theatre II, Melbourne, 1 March, 1989.
Reeling was also shown at Sydney’s The Performance Space the same year.


“Since she was last seen regularly in Sydney as a member of Dance Exchange, she has matured as a performer, building on her natural buoyancy and acquired fluency. An assured feeling for timing and phrasing has given a new and excitingly polished dimension to the ease of movement that has always marked her work as a performer…In her own work Sweet Dreams, Guerin gives her-self a chance to project a more kooky image and some hard-edged action, which she also does effectively…It is refreshing and very promising.”
Sydney Morning Herald, July 1989.

Reeling received funding from the Performing Arts Board of Australia Council for the Arts.