An atmospheric dance work that embodies the breathtaking dynamics of the elements, Weather (2012) is an immersive experience inspired by the weather that surrounds and defines us.

“Weather is like choreography; it’s so kinetic, it’s about movement and displacement of air, it has limitless possibilities for dance” (Lucy Guerin, The Age, 2012).

This full-length work is inspired by the connection between human beings, the natural world and the elemental forces of weather. It employs the visceral sensations and dynamic flow of weather systems to generate an intense choreographic exploration of the physical body’s connection to the natural world.

Watch excerpts of Weather

Weather was co-commissioned by the Melbourne Festival, Brisbane Festival and Montreal’s Place des Arts and premiered at The Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne in 2012.


The work has also been performed by Skånes Dansteater (Malmö, Sweden) and was adapted for young audiences in 2015 – Microclimate

Images: Heidrun Lohr