Melt is a performance in two parts, examining the temperature trajectory from freezing to boiling.

The first part is a duet with two dancers physically exploring rising changes in temperature. Beginning with the minute, sharp movements of cracking ice, it progresses through a warm and languid quality, culminating in frenzied and chaotic choreography that the dancers can barely maintain.

The second part adds another element of exploration, examining the relationship between temperature and temperament. These extremes are complemented through well-crafted light, graphic and sound design that bring together the two parts. In the words of one reviewer,  “the overall effect is so seamless that we are left wondering how any one element ever existed without the other” (Seamless, 2002).

Premiered at Chunky Move Studio, Melbourne, September 2002.


” … it has the same kind of richness one can find in some of Kraftwerk’s music, Mondrian’s paintings, of the clipped dialogue of film noir.”
Real Time, 2002

Images: Jeff Busby