Choreographer Lucy Guerin and motion graphic designer Michaela French were looking out a window onto Melbourne’s cityscape when the original idea for Aether came to them.

“I’ve got a view of Melbourne… and Michaela and I were wondering what it would look like if all the lines of communication were visible”, stated Lucy Guerin (Herald Sun, 2005).

Premiering in March 2005, Aether is a full-length dance work that explores the complexities of human communication in the digital age.

Incorporating sound, movement and projection, the performance grapples with questions about human identity, information overload and self-expression. After living in bustling New York for seven years, Lucy was interested in “different modes of communication”—for example, neon billboards, radio, newspaper, and email—and “the problem of how to relate and how to connect with fellow humans” (Herald Sun, 2005).

Following its first season in Australia, Aether took out a Green Room Award for Best Ensemble.

Watch excerpts of Aether

Premiered at North Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, 15 March 2005.


“Guerin and the dancers reach into startling new territory.”
The Australian, 2005.

Images: Rachelle Roberts